About Pastor Krause

Preacher, Teacher, Husband and Father

Pastor Nathan L. Krause

Pastor Nathan L. Krause, M.Div., has traveled, studied and served in over 30 countries, including the lands of the Bible and the Reformation. In the early 1990s, he had the privilege of living and studying in the heart of Jerusalem. For nearly four decades he has enjoyed preaching and teaching the truths he has discovered in God’s word. He has served as a Bible teacher, evangelist, university professor and pastor. Nathan enjoys meeting others and sharing Bible truth with people of all faith backgrounds. He has had the unique opportunities of teaching God’s word in classrooms of various levels from kindergarten to college campuses, prisons, churches of various denominations, synagogues and mosques. God has blessed Pastor Krause with a precious family and he finds immense joy in the privilege of being a husband and father.

What I Promise You

As we study God’s Word together, I promise to be faithful to the original meaning of the text, using the best principles of hermeneutics (methods of Bible study), I believe the safest way to understand the Bible is to let it speak for itself by considering the original author, audience and context. It is also helpful to compare passages, thus allowing one part of Scripture to illuminate other parts in order to deepen and clarify our understanding. Finally, my ultimate goal will be to help you answer the question “So what?” I will strive to make God’s Word relevant to your life today.

What I Ask of You

Welcome to an exciting study of Bible prophecy! I ask that you come to this prophecy series with an open mind and a sincere desire to understand God’s Word. I ask that you make the pursuit of truth your goal, both to know it and to live it. Jesus said when we know the truth, it sets us free. (John 8:32) Often when we study the Bible deeply, the new insights we gain free us from old understandings which may have limited or skewed our perception. I’m inviting you to prayerfully join me on a rewarding journey in the pursuit of truth and certain hope in these uncertain times!

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